The British Museum Prints and Drawings Department

In October 2018 we held an exhibition, Seven Artists at Sevenoaks, showing new work inspired by this project. 

Details and images here.

During our MA, we had the opportunity to visit the British Museum Prints and Drawings Department and to study items from their collection. This is something that is open to any member of the public but few people know about it. Alongside our final degree show in September 2017, we mounted an exhibition of work derived from our museum visit.

We have continued this connection as a group, arranging monthly visits, to enable us to explore the collection’s breadth and depth. Some of us choose to study the same drawing for several visits; others prefer to revisit the catalogue each time and choose something new. Each visit starts with a quick review by the group of the work selected.

We are greatly helped by Isobel Seligman and Sarah Jaffray, who work on the Bridget Riley Art Foundation exhibition project ‘Lines of Thought’ and aim to widen access to the collection. They both have an immense knowledge of drawing and prints, and help us selects further pieces relevant to our interests.

Sometimes, the pieces we have chosen from the online catalogue aren’t quite what we thought! This element of the unexpected is a further source of inspiration.