Drawing Breath, Villa Pia, Umbria 2019

Four HB members spent a week on a drawing and meditation retreat in Umbria. The Drawing Breath retreat was led by Tania Kovats, Professor of Drawing at Bath Spa University, and Jane Sassienie who is an organisational change consultant and psychotherapist as well as a life-long meditator. It took place at the lovely Villa Pia, in Lippiano, Umbria set on the edge of a small village and in the heart of rolling Umbrian countryside.

Our group of 12 meditated each morning, went on walks, drew each other, acted as human tools for each other, talked, ate, ate some more, went swimming, ordered pizza and felt immersed in art and life. Some people wanted to think about knotty issues and major life decisions, but all of us came away with renewed inspiration and appreciation of how mind and hand can work better together.

Here is our visual record of the week. Drawing Breath are already planning another retreat next spring, so if you want to explore how drawing and meditation can enhance each other and invigorate your artistic practice, keep an eye out for more information.