Ruth Richmond

5 Autumn Lockdown Soul Poles, 2021; dimensions variable from 2.2 to 1.8m
August Evening Meadow walk, 2021: pencil on Japanese paper; 60x80cm

Richmond describes her drawings as Landscapes. The elusive nature of her theme is transformed by memory, application of substance to surface and by scrutinising the essence of her senses whilst walking and re-encountering her subliminal thoughts. Her work evolves rather like her daily walks, one step, or one trace after another. Her choice of mediums influences the progression of the piece and decisions are made after each series of marks are scratched, rubbed or smeared onto the paper. Her aim is to transmit her intuitive knowledge in such a way that reflects the journey of sensation and Flow. She states: “My research continues with exploring how materials and experience collide to enable visualisation. I am interested in the gestalt theory and how the drawing becomes the sum of its parts.”

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